Monday, February 24, 2014

Neighborhood afghan project

Gillian submitted the afghan project that the stitching group made to the Neighborhood "Pot Luck" site at HAND.

Afghan created by the neighborhood stitching group

Here is what she wrote:

Our Neighborhood Stitching Group started meeting to share a common interest of knitting, crocheting, stitching and mending. It was a way to get to know each better. We meet one time per month and rotate the meeting location to each member's home.  I proposed the Afghan project based on a 'Warm Up America' pattern and project idea. The group eagerly embraced the idea and we started early 2013. We all had leftover yarn to donate, and found needles and crochet hooks in our supply baskets. And for a couple of dollars, we sourced a few balls of yarn from Opportunity House and Goodwill. The project was a very positive experience and the common goal helped link us together. We each enjoyed making the Afghan blocks  in our meeting, individually at home, on vacations, or on a lunch hour at work. The finished piece includes 49 blocks - 7 rows of 7 blocks, all 7" x 9" in size. Knitted and crochet blocks in all patterns were encouraged. We finished the project in early Feb 2014 and donated it to Middle Way House, Bloomington, Indiana. One of members delivered the project and reported: 
  "I just delivered the Afghan to Toby Strout, Director, at Middle Way house. They were amazed and thrilled to have it!  And I got a chance to tell them a little about our neighborhood.  They insisted on taking my picture with it, though I made sure to let them know several people contributed to the work. I think they will use this in their newsletter."
Our group consists of experienced stitchers who were very excited to welcome two 10 year old neighbors to our group. We have all enjoyed getting to know each other. This project is suitable for all levels. Give it a try! We did and we loved it!
Members of the stitching group with the afghan

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