Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bypass construction update

Chris has forwarded me the following update he received from the CIB Parking and Transportation Committee regarding Bypass construction.

·         The current schedule is to put traffic on the new northbound Bypass lanes from 10th St. to 17th St. (hopefully) next week. Traffic will still be restricted to one lane each direction, as they still need to construct center curb in that area. 
·         Asphalt work will continue in the 14th St. area this week.  Once the center curb is complete from 3rd St. to 17th St., they plan to place the final layer of asphalt. That is currently scheduled to occur in mid-November.
·         There is still some work to be done on 14th Street and the golf course drive, but the state contractors will not be extending 14th St. any further than what it currently is now.  Indiana University will do additional work where 14th St. terminates at a later date.  We have no information on that timeline.
·         When the road construction reached the NE corner of 10th St. and the Bypass (the CIB corner) it exposed some pedestrian and bike access issues. Work was halted there to redesign how the sidewalks and crosswalks connect to access paths to the CIB. The final redesign is close to being approved. The state sent it to IU for review and state engineers are currently discussing IU’s suggestions with the designer. They should have final approval this week. NOTE: This only addresses the access issues at the corner and not those at the end of the old driveway. We have no updates on that issue at this time.

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