Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 leaf collection

Once again, the city is offering 3 options for leaf collection this year. Everyone should have received a post card in the mail, but here is a quick run through of the options.

1) Compost your leaves! More information on how to compost can be found at

2) Bi-weekly yard wast pick up: On our regular yard waste days, bagged leaves will be picked up without the yard waste tag. All other yard waste needs a tag, but leaves don't. Just FYI, we have used garbage cans for leaves with no problems in the past. That saves on the cost of the bags.

3) Curbside pickup: There will be only 1 pickup this year. Just as with last year, you can check where the crews are at Leaves should be raked to the curb (NOT in the street) by next Monday, November 5, when collection starts. Leaves will be vacuumed between November 5 and December 21.

Looking at the map, our neighborhood is not in the first group for collection, but, if I remember correctly, we were near the start of the pickup last year.

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