Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bypass construction update

This information was passed along to me in regards to the SR 45/46 Bypass construction project.

"As part of the SR 45/46 bypass reconstruction project a traffic pattern change is scheduled to begin on Tuesday January 10th (weather permitting) for the following:

·         SR 45/46 between 10th Street and 3rd Street – Traffic will be shifted similar to how it currently is between 17th Street and 10th Street
·         3rd Street between Pete Ellis Drive and Hillsdale Drive – Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction
·         College Mall Road from 3rd Street to 2nd Street – Traffic will be restricted to one lane in each direction
·         SR 45/10th Street from SR 46 to west of Pete Ellis Drive – Traffic will be shifted to allow the reconstruction of the southbound side of SR 45."

Looks like this end of the project will be in full swing next week. As you can see from the list of lane closures, it will likely not be fun getting from the east side of town to anywhere for a while. Last I heard, construction was supposed to be completed in November 2012.

Some alternative routes to get across town.... pretty much the only options are 1) go south on Smith to Moore's Pike or to Rogers and across or 2) deal with the lane closures. 

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