Monday, February 14, 2011

Neighborhood Leadership series

On Thursday, February 10th, I went to the Neighborhood Leadership series. The topic this go round was "How Do I Make It Work in My Neighborhood" and several neighborhood leaders shared information about projects their neighborhoods have undertaken.

Broadview Neighborhood talked about the neighborhood cleanup they did, with funds from a neighborhood cleanup grant.

Maple Heights presented information on a property they reclaimed at 13th and Madison where a garden now grows. (I'm planning on checking it out once flowers start blooming!)

Prospect Hill talked about building neighborhood capacity.

Green Acres presented information about the community garden in their neighborhood. (Wonderful effort and it has helped involve the many students in Green Acres.)

Jacqui Bauer from HAND spoke about sustainability efforts that HAND is currently trying to expand, including bringing Hoosier to Hoosier into more neighborhoods. HtH is a program that tries to reclaim reusable stuff when the student leave each spring and sell it back to new students in the fall. Proceeds go to local charities.

The next Neighborhood Leadership Series session will be April 7th and the topic will be "Get the Skinny on HAND Housing Programs".

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