Thursday, January 13, 2011

Car break-ins

I have heard reports of at least 3 neighbors who had their cars broken into last night. From what I understand, nothing was taken although the contents were left ransacked.

It is possible that someone was looking for valuables in the cars or for garage door openers to take snow blowers and whatnot from garages. I wonder about garage access as a possible motive because I noticed the keypad for our garage was open today and we normally leave it closed (although we may have inadvertently left it open.)

In any case, please be aware that this is happening, lock your cars and doors, and keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

If your car was broken into, you may want to fill out the online incident report at the police department. Also, as a reminder, Jeanne Novotny and Chris Haynes are our Neighborhood Watch co-captains. If something isn't an emergency (or a crime currently in progress), you can contact either of them to forward information to a BPD contact.

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