Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent power outages

Parts of the neighborhood have had power outages recently. We have had at least 3 in the last month. You may have read in today's Hotline in the Herald Times today that Park Ridge East has also had this same problem. I have noticed that Duke sometimes provides the reason for the outage in their call-back, if you request one.

The apparent reason for the last few outages has been squirrels getting into the transformers. According to one technician, who stopped to check on the power after a recent outage, there are newer transformers that are more squirrel-proof (ha!) but not in our area. He had no idea when Bloomington would start getting some.

Hopefully, considering the number of outages recently, they will roll them out in our area. I for one do not look forward to this trend continuing into colder weather.

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