Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bypass construction update

As many of you may have noticed, construction has begun on Bypass. Lane restrictions in the area of the Bypass/Walnut/College intersection have been causing long delays. North Dunn Street is also currently closed north of the Bypass, with the detour pouring more traffic through the congested intersection.

According to an update in the Herald Times this morning, lane restrictions may be removed next week but will return in December. At least travel should be improved over the holiday weekend!

The construction on North Dunn has been delayed. The road was supposed to be reopened already but there is currently no estimate.

Safe travels through town and over the upcoming holiday. And may I suggest 17th Street to Arlington Road if you plan to travel to Ellettsville?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Thanksgiving meal at Mother Bear's

Thought I would share that Mother Bear's is once again offering a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone who stops in on Thanksgiving, noon to 4 p.m. The menu will include Pilgrim's Pride pizza (topped with mashed potatoes, turkey and dressing), green bean casserole, cranberries and gravy. There will also be pumpkin and pecan pies for dessert and soft drinks.

Recent power outages

Parts of the neighborhood have had power outages recently. We have had at least 3 in the last month. You may have read in today's Hotline in the Herald Times today that Park Ridge East has also had this same problem. I have noticed that Duke sometimes provides the reason for the outage in their call-back, if you request one.

The apparent reason for the last few outages has been squirrels getting into the transformers. According to one technician, who stopped to check on the power after a recent outage, there are newer transformers that are more squirrel-proof (ha!) but not in our area. He had no idea when Bloomington would start getting some.

Hopefully, considering the number of outages recently, they will roll them out in our area. I for one do not look forward to this trend continuing into colder weather.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Free home energy audit

Bloomington homeowners have a chance to get a free home energy audit regardless of income. This is a great opportunity as an audit can normally cost several hundred dollars.

The city, SCCAP, and the US Green Building Council are trying to complete as many audits as possible for a "Beat the Meter Blitz" in early December.

To apply, call the city's Housing and Neighborhood Development department at 812-349-3420.

More information is available in this press release.