Monday, August 30, 2010

BPD has online incident reporting!

If you need to file a report for a minor offense, BPD offers online incident reporting. Please read the guidelines to decide if you can use this format. 

If you would like to keep up to date with more at BPD, they are on Facebook.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2010 Ice Cream Social

Mark your calendars for the 2010 Neighborhood Ice Cream Social!
Saturday, August 28 from 3-5 p.m. (rain date 8/29)
Come to the Lindman's front yard at the intersection of Staats and Grandview to eat yummy Hartzell's ice cream and chat with your neighbors. Just after the start of school, this is a great time for kids in the neighborhood to have a last hurrah and for the adults to reminisce.
This year the ice cream is being provided courtesy of Hartzell's Ice Cream, located on Dunn St between 5th and 6th. A big thanks to neighbors Hilary and Hartzell Martel.

Moving the website

Due to the frequency of updates with the software we were using and the fact that we were not using all the capabilities of it, we have decided to move the GHNA website to Blogger. The move is not yet complete, but it will hopefully be seamless to most.

Some benefits of this move include:

  • No additional accounts required to comment. You may use your openId or Google account.
  • Easier posting for those who post information.
  • Familiar format.
Hopefully this is a change for the good.