Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2010-07-07 Steering Committee Meeting

Grandview Hills Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
July 7, 2010
Meeting started at 7:40pm. Jeff Morris (Treasurer), Meagan Eller (President), Erin Wager Miller (Secretary), Julie Fox (Member at Large) and Jessica Savarese (Member at Large) were in attendance.
Meagan stated the neighborhood has had seven annual events in the past. Do we still want 7? Each committe member agreed to spearhead one event.
Ice Cream Social- Gillian and Claudia Neighborhood residents Hartzel and Hillary, and owners of Jiffy Treet on Pete Ellis and Hartzels IceCream downtown, have generously donated 5 gallons of ice cream to the social. Many thanks to them. The date is TBA.
Halloween Party/Fall party- Julie Fox Julie is considering planning a progressive supper at the end of Sept. in lieu of Halloween Party. This would be a big undertaking, however. Perhaps a book (DVs? Board games? CDs? Entertainment items?) exchange instead. Stay tuned for more info.
Caroling in December- Jessica This year Jessica will host a sing along in her home rather than caroling this year. She will need musicians from the neighborhood for accompaniment. This will happen in early December.
March Pizza Party-Jeff
Litter pick up in April- Erin Wager Miller Typically we have it after Little 5. Perhaps instead of a group clean up we could divide the neighborhood into sections and have a captain for each section. Erin will figure this out.
Yard Sale- Meagan Normally this happens in May. It was discussed to change this to fall to give folks more time to get ready. Meagan said we’ve had it in July but it proved to be too hot. It was mentioned that compared to other neighborhoods we do a good job advertising and our map is very helpful.
Treasurer report- Jeff Morris reported we have $73.36 in the neighborhood fund. There was discussion about how we might be able to collect cans from neighbors who are not dropping them off. Meagan is sure to put this on the flier once a year and thinks that word of mouth works best. In addition, those who do drop off cans need to have them in grocery bags. JD Salvage does not accept paper bags.
Chris Eller made a bag dispenser and placed it at the front of his yard. Dog walkers who have forgotten bags to clean up after their dog are free take one. If you would like a dispenser for your yard, or would like him to show you how to make one, contact Chris.
Our next meeting will be next May to plan the Block Party and set the agenda for the General Neighborhood meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm.
Respectfully submitted by
Erin Wager Miller, Secretary

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