Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010-06-26 Annual Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Meagan Eller once a quorum was reached.
About 50 people attended the annual block party cook-out. Meagan reported that the association had several successful events this past year. These included the Ice cream social in September, the Halloween party, a Pizza party in February, the yard sales in May and two neighborhood clean-ups.
Jeff reported that we have $63.50 in the treasury. Dues of $1.00 per household make up part of this amount, the rest is from the sales of aluminum cans which Chris Eller collects and takes in for recycling.
The association by-laws were readopted unchanged from last year.
The following members were elected to offices. Secretary: Erin Wager-Miller, Treasurer: Jeff Morris, and Member at large: Jessica Saverese.
New business: Gilian Fields said that she will organize the Ice cream social again this year. She suggested a change of venue. Claudia and Harold Lindman offered their shady yard for the event. Claudia and Gilian will decide on a date for the event.
Respectfully submitted,
Claudia Lindman, Secretary.

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