Saturday, October 31, 2009

November 2009 Neighborhood Little Pick-up

On Sunday, November 1st, we are planning a neighborhood litter clean- up after the Halloween holiday and before really cold weather sets in. We will meet at Post and Grandview again to organize. Let's plan on 1 p.m. since it is chilly in the morning and a lot of folks may be at church in the morning. Please think about volunteering to help pick up litter in the neighborhood. It took about 1 hour for a crew of 9 in the spring. This is a nice way to help make our neighborhood look nice.
If it is raining, we will postpone until Saturday, November 7th.

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  1. neighborhood looks good
    We had a small crew, but that's ok because there was a lot less litter this time, even after trick-or-treating last night. This is a great trend and I think we only need to do one pick up in the spring next year.

    I'll also pass around flyers next time. I wanted to experiment with just electronic notice, but I think the flyers serve a good purpose: 1) they get the word to folks not online, or at least not on the email list; and 2) they serve as a reminder, hanging on the fridge.

    Meagan Eller