Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Looking forward to a busy fall

This has been a good year for the GHNA so far. Lots of neighbors have been getting involved, including some of our new neighbors. Please welcome new folks to the neighborhood when you see them.
The annual ice cream social was a success. Gillian did a wonderful job of planning as usual. I think everyone had a good time.
In the works is a Halloween party that Carol Austin and Rachel Wheeler are planning. More details will come. Carol and Rachel planned last year's party as well. It's a nice opportunity for the kids to show off their costumes and for everyone, adults included, to get to know their neighbors better.
November 1st we are planning another "Pick It Up" date to clean up any trash left from Halloween (and just from the summer and fall) before cold weather hits. If it is inclement that day, our rain date is November 7th. We have lots of blue bags from the city to use for this project. In the spring it took a crew of 9 approximately 1 hour to clean up the neighborhood. We filled 10 or so bags.
I've asked Chuck Macklin if he would like to organize caroling this holiday season. Hopefully his schedule will permit. Otherwise, I'll be looking for another volunteer.
This is your neighborhood and I want everyone to feel they have a part in making it the wonderful place it is. One of my goals is to have more people involved in planning activities. If there is something you would like the neighborhood association to do, please share. If you would like to get more involved and help organize something, please, please, let me know. Helping out is a good way to get to know more people in the neighborhood.
One of those activities that was suggested was some sort of progressive meal over the winter or early spring. If someone would like to organize this, it is a great idea.

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