Thursday, August 6, 2009

reading list (Bypass)

From Lucille Bertuccio:
Here's a reading list for people who would like to be informed about this issue:
Better NOT Bigger: How to take control of Urban Growth and Improve Your Community, by Eben Fodor. Eben came to Bloomington in 2007? - his idea is that growth is not a good thing and that the growth promoted by our governments can lead to our community becoming scarred and saddled with high costs. He talks about transportation and growth issues.
Geography or Nowhere and Home from Nowhere two by Howard Kunstler. He also visited Bloomington in 2006? His ideas are making cities walkable, the "new urbanist idea. His third book is the Long Emergency and in it he discusses Peak Oil and the problems it would cause in the area of transportation of people and resources.
City Form and Function by Michael Hough - is a wonderful book about how cities function as ecosystems and how we ought to keep them functioning this way. He talks about unclaimed land - those weedy places people would like to destroy as being places for wildlife - some info about walkability and transportation. I have often thought of giving our planning department a copy (if only they would read it).

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