Monday, August 3, 2009

New commentary regarding Bypass 8/3/09

What a great opportunity to have long-term impact on the growth of our beloved communities. If it's done right, Bloomington could end up as one of those "ideal cities" in terms of connectivity AND environment. If it's done poorly, we'll end up like other smog-filled, car-friendly cities--with an emaciated downtown, and a characterless mall as the traffic-jammed gateway to that end of Bloomington. I vote for a focus on mass transportation, ped and bike safety. Encouraging businesses we have--local first and otherwise second, along with the greenspace to support it.
I'd like to envision a desirable entryway for 46. Who knows examples of what we might have along this main artery into town? Is it on the web? WHat experts should we be talking to? WHat experts should our City be talking to?
Cynthia Bretheim
Some neighborhoods (apparently starting with Green Acres) are organizing around opposition to the bypass widening. Figure you all might be interested.
The bypass widening would be traumatic to Green Acres (which is literally right next door), but it will affect every neighborhood in some way. To some of us it may seem good at first, as traffic will bypass our neighborhoods in the center of the city. But over time the impact will be much different as money flows away from the center of
town and into the suburbs. Our property values and more importantly our quality of life may be severely diminished. Nevermind the added headache of getting to all the stores that will invariably open alongside the new bypass, competing with our downtown favorites. Plus it will add more incentives for students to think of IU as a "commuter campus," which means more parked cars in our neighborhoods near campus, and more student drivers on our streets. Even I can remember the days when students considered a car to be optional -- this is yet another step away from those days.
- Greg Alexander
Dear Neighborly folks,
This just in from Sarah Ryterbrand:
Tom Morrison is the new VP for capital project and facilities. He is Lynn Coyne's boss and could temper Coyne's contempt for the public.
Lynn Coyne is the Real Estate manager for IUB. He was the one at the MPO-PC meeting who was so annoyed that the public couldn't hear him and that he had to move himself closer to the microphone. He was the member who wanted to know where we have been all these years and whose final remark was "in my opinion the Bypass is one of the most backed projects in the City of Bloomington.”
A friend of Sarah's accesses Tom this way: Its not going to be the same-old same-old. He asks good questions, he is going to be more engaged; he wants to know and understand what he is inheriting. Change will be slow but I think inevitable.
Ann Kreilkamp
Green Acres

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