Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ice cream social grant application description

I thought folks might be interested in reading the lovely piece Gillian wrote for our grant application, which was accepted. Below is the text with minor revisions to meet all criteria of the application (particularly, notification).
The Grandview Hills Neighborhood Ice Cream Social will take place on Sunday, Aug 16, 2009. The date is carefully selected to include as many neighbors as possible. We like to choose a date after school starts so parents can chat and school children will be connected and possibly sharing the same schools and teachers. Under the shade of a very old Locust Tree we will gather together and meet and visit. Some older folks are sure to be guided to chairs, while teenagers will linger and joke in clusters to the side. Many couples will introduce themselves and smile, and all of us will line up for helpings of ice cream. Generous contributions from neighbors will include watermelon, peaches, zucchini bread, chocolate bars and chocolate strawberry dip and will all be placed on a table to be shared. Even contributions of daffodil bulbs and other plants will be offered and shared with eager gardeners.
The Neighborhood Association will provide ice for cooling, lemonade, napkins, toppings and fourteen gallons of various flavored ice cream, including homemade varieties. Other items including drinking pitchers, tables, tablecloths and ice cream scoops will be provided by neighbors, as well as a canopy for shade. Everyone is encouraged to bring a bowl and spoon to cut back on disposable waste and a washing station is provided for clean up. Croquet will be set up on the lawn and Frisbees will fly in the street, while younger children will laugh and run and yet some even smaller children will watch from the safety of holding a friendly hand.
The Association will notify all neighbors via flyers approximately one week prior to the social, as well as through our email list, which 57% of the neighborhood is on, and a notice on our neighborhood website.

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