Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009-06-13 Annual Meeting

The annual membership meeting was held prior to the block party on June 13. Below are the minutes as recorded by Claudia Lindman, Secretary.
The meeting was delayed due to a lack of a quorum. By laws state that we need 10 households represented in order to conduct the meeting. As we had only 8 we started with a steering committee meeting. Jeff moved that we temporarily suspend the requirement to have a minimum of 10 present. Claudia seconded. The motion passed.
Chris called the meeting of the GHNA end of fiscal year to order at 2:30. 9 members were present , Lindman, Eller, Novotney, Garraghty, Satterfield, Morris, Crable, Fox. and Andrews. Later Rozycki joined us to make 10 present.
Chris thanked Lori and Jeff for their efforts arranging for the Block party which followed the meeting. He thanked Megan for her help assisting him as president these past two years. We all thanked Chris for his leadership as president of the association. Chris recommended that the upcoming steering committee review the association By-Laws in the coming year.
The secretaries report was read by Claudia Lindman. Harold moved acceptance, Mike seconded and the motion passed without dissent. Jeff gave the treasurers report. He said there was $41.04 in the account. The expense of advertising the yard sale was $ 40, the magnets which were delivered to each house cost $42. There were no questions.
Member-at-large: Lori had nothing to report.
Neighborhood watch: Jeannie asked if action needed to be taken regarding reports of speeding in the neighborhood. Contact Jeannie Novotney for concerns. Mike recommended that we join with other neighborhood associations to ask the city to lower the neighborhood speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour. This is a recurring concern across the city.
Old Business: None
New business: Claudia noted that there is a rumor that Bell Trace is considering building a road into the neighborhood through a lot (purchased from Marge Toole) by the owner of Bell Trace for his daughter. The daughter has recently moved into the house. Mike noted that any plans for a path or drive would have to be taken before the Plan Commission and that neighbors would have to be notified by law. He suggested someone call the Plan Commission and ask who would be notified of such a plan if it exists.
The issue of the multitude of cars, a boat, a trailer and a car for sale at the entrance of the neighborhood was raised. When this was brought to the HAND group a couple years ago the reply was “inconclusive”. The house was found to be rented by no more that 3 unrelated adults. Since there are usually many more than 3 cars on the premises including several that park on the grass, we feel this is an issue. Chris said that anyone can contact Sergeant Oldham of the police department for assistance. He is assigned as liaison for our neighborhood.
The third question discussed was the lack of a sidewalk on the SW corner of Pete Ellis across from the Post Office. Mike said the sidewalk was torn up in order to cut the tree roots so that the trees might be moved when the street was widened. Then the City ran out of money. The State plans to widen 45 (10th) but we don’t know when. It didn’t make sense to build a sidewalk then have to tear it down. Julie suggested they build it where they planned to when Pete Ellis is widened.
Ice Cream Social: Gillian will be hosting this event August 16th. Megan noted that there is an Ice Cream Social grant through HAND. Julie agreed to submit a grant application.
The election of officers for President and Member at Large was held. Lori nominated Megan as President. Megan accepted the nomination. The motion to elect Megan was made by Lori and seconded by Harold. Megan was elected President unanimously.
Claudia nominated Julie Fox as Member at Large. Julie accepted. Megan made the motion, Harold seconded. Julie was elected unanimously. Thank you Megan and Julie!!!!
Jeannie moved to accept the current By Laws for the coming year. Harold seconded. The motion passed. We may decide to amend the By Laws at the June meeting 2010.
Mary Alice moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:30. Harold seconded. The motion was passed without descent.
Respectfully submitted,
Claudia Lindman, Recording Secretary.

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