Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sidewalk interrupted

A summary:
The story of "Sidewalk Interrupted" begins with a plan to dramatically change 10th St. in the Bypass to Pete Ellis Dr. area. The City though Parks, Planning, and Engineering departments asked IDOT to move the trees along the west side of Pete Ellis Dr. and North of the Indiana Railroad tracks. Prior to moving the trees however and due to their size, the roots had to be pruned and the sidewalk had to be removed to allow pruning.
Both City and state moved forward with this plan until street designs became less certain. It was no longer clear that the trees needed to be moved. So, the sidewalk remains torn up. The City is unwilling to pay (an estimated $50K) to move trees that may indeed not need to be moved.
I've asked our Planning group to place this project back on a schedule. In particular, I'm asking them to move the trees if it is likely they will be in the way of the state's plans. Assuming the trees need to be moved, they won't be moved earlier than this fall when trees enter their dormant season. This is as far as I can see this project at this time. After the trees are moved then, I'll work on the sidewalk. If it is clear the trees won't be moved then, I'll urge a speedy replacement of the sidewalk.
Mike Satterfield
Bloomington Common Council
District 3 Representative

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