Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home improvement fraud

Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Chris Gaal issued a press release this past week concerning home improvement fraud. This press release along with others from the our Prosecutors office may be downloaded from:
This press release announces a new video produced by the Elder Crimes Task Force and made available to members of our community. I've received and reviewed the video and I must applaud the Prosecutors office for initiatives such as these. The video is appropriately paced and it covers key areas such as "Talking to Contractors", "Red Flags", and "Contracts" just to name a few.
A couple of areas of interest are the Home Improvement Contract law that requires contracts for work in excess of $150. That's right -- $150. Another area discussed is surprise lien notices. The video uses local officials, contractors and scenery.
I will loan my copy of the video to any club or organization in District 3. Organizations who need their own copies of the video may contact the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney's office through the link above. Organizations may also request a speaker on Crimes Against the Elderly through the same office.

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