Thursday, July 10, 2008

City Life

I'm starting with the entry 'City Life' to kick-off a new section to the GHNA blogs. Allow me a moment to introduce myself -- I'm Mike Satterfield, I live on Staats Drive. I'm also fortunate to be the City Council representative for this district. District 3 extends in the south roughly from State Rd 446 and Moore's Pike, west to College Mall Road then north along the 45 / 46 Bypass and north again to North Dunn and Old State Road 37. The IU Golf Course, Tammeron and Eastern Heights neighborhoods are also included in this district. District maps in Bloomington may be found at:
I hope to use this blog for as information exchange in our neighborhood and provide information on broader issuses facing our city.
Thanks for listening,

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  1. great resource!
    I'm looking forward to reading your blog for updates. This is such a great resource for our neighborhood, to have information on what's going on and be able to ask questions.

    Thanks for doing this blog.