Saturday, July 19, 2008

Building community

What is the GHNA all about? We are very lucky to live in a neighborhood that has very few problems and issues. So I was thinking about the difference between the GHNA and some of the neighborhood associations downtown. Here's what I think makes our neighborhood association different:
Building Community rather than Defending Community
While the GHNA does address issues within Grandview Hills, there are thankfully few so we as a neighborhood can spend more time building our community, getting to know each other, and fostering relationships. A lot of other neighborhood associations don't have as much luxury to do that because they are trying to defend their community from some problem - students, traffic, etc.
I think being able to spend our time becoming true neighbors has a bonus. By getting to know each other through the annual block party, garage sales, ice cream social, etc, we create an environment where it is much easier to talk to neighbors if there is an issue and we also think about how our actions will affect those around us. By working to build our community, we also defend it.
Hopefully as we continue to grow, we will become a model of a truly well functioning neighborhood.

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