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Bylaws as adopted July 2007, readopted June 21, 2008. Read below for the full text of the Bylaws of the GHNA.
Article I – Name and Purpose
The Grandview Hills Neighborhood Association (GHNA) is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-partisan, all volunteer association formed to promote interaction with neighbors, provide an organization to undertake projects to benefit the neighborhood at large, represent the neighborhood to the City of Bloomington and work together on issues of common concern.
Article II - Membership and Dues
The membership of the GHNA must come from residents of the Grandview Hills neighborhood, defined as follows: residential property with an address on - Grandview Drive, Hollywood Drive, Kerry Drive, Meadowlark Lane, Post Road, or Staats Drive.
Membership is voluntary. The annual membership fee is $1 per household. Membership grants a vote during GHNA meetings (one vote per household, referred to as a Vote hereafter), eligibility to run for Steering Committee positions and eligibility to serve as a sub-committee chair. Any member of the household may sit in a GHNA meeting as the Vote for their household.
Those residents who choose not to become members of the GHNA are encouraged to attend the GHNA meetings and activities, however they shall not have a vote. Non-members may serve on sub-committees, but may not serve as the chair of a sub-committee.
Article III - Organization Structure and Officers
The GHNA shall conduct business under Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. The GHNA will be maintained in a legal state of activity and solvency by a Steering Committee comprised of the following positions:
• President - Duties include guiding the Steering Committee, signing official instruments of business, scheduling and running meetings. Executive member.
• Secretary - Duties include taking meeting minutes and maintaining communications within GHNA (including but not limited to: electronic, paper and phone communications), maintaining the Roster of GHNA members. Executive member.
• Treasurer - Duties include collecting the GHNA membership fee and maintaining the GHNA ledger and annual budget, processing payments outgoing, signing official instruments of fiscal business.
• Member-At-Large - Duties include providing a voice for the non-committee members of the GHNA.
• Member-At-Large - Duties include providing a voice for the non-committee members of the GHNA.
• Webmaster - Duties include maintaining the GHNA presence online as well as maintain electronic documents, the webmaster is not a member of the Steering Committee. The webmaster is appointed by the Steering Committee.
The Steering Committee shall conduct business as needed and in a timely manner. Quorum of the Steering Committee shall be one Executive member (President or Secretary) and at least three other members. Steering Committee meetings shall be open to all.
Article IV - Officer elections
Steering Committee position terms shall coincide with the GHNA fiscal year. These terms shall last two years on a staggered basis such that the President and one Member-At-Large share a term while the Secretary, Treasurer and the second Member-At-Large have the alternate term; there shall be no term limit for any position. Elections shall happen at the last GHNA meeting of the fiscal year; positions shall be elected by a simple majority of Votes present. New Steering Committee members shall take office at the beginning of the new fiscal year.
If a Committee position is vacated before the end of the term, the Steering Committee President shall appoint a temporary position holder to complete the normal term. If the President is vacated, the Steering Committee shall reach a majority vote on appointing a temporary President to complete the term.
Article V - GHNA operations
GHNA meetings must be called to order by the President, or the Secretary in the absence of the President. The GHNA must hold a minimum of one meeting per fiscal year. GHNA meetings shall have quorum when at least ten (10) Votes are present.
Sub-committees shall be created by the President as the need arises to work on projects for the GHNA. These Sub-committees shall have a volunteer chair appointed by the President and confirmed by the Steering Committee as a whole. These sub-committees shall dissolve after completion or dissolution of the particular project.
The fiscal year of the GHNA shall begin on July 1st and end on June 30th of each calendar year. The Treasurer shall be charged with collecting the membership fees in a timely manner at the beginning of each fiscal year. The Secretary shall be charged with maintaining the Roster of Votes as verified by the Treasurer.
Residents may join the GHNA at any time during the year; a household must still pay the $1 membership fee to join.
Article VI - Bylaws procedures
The Bylaws of the GHNA shall be reviewed and re-adopted at the last meeting of each fiscal year. Proposed Bylaw amendments shall be distributed via e-mail at least 1 day before the last meeting of the fiscal year. Amendments must be made permanent at this time. Temporary amendments shall expire at the end of the last meeting unless voted into the bylaws. All votes regarding bylaws amendments shall pass by a 2/3 majority of total Votes present. The Secretary shall ensure that a copy of the by-laws is made available to all members by the first meeting of each fiscal year.
Article VII - Amendments
Article VI was amended on June 3, 2006.
Article VIII was amended on June 3, 2006.

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