Saturday, July 28, 2007

2007-07-28 Steering Committee Meeting

Grandview Neighborhood Association
Steering Committee Meeting
July 28, 2007
Attendees: Chris Eller, Meagan Eller, Bonnie Fisher, Julie Fox, Donna Jaques,
Nancy Macklin, Marissa Mormon, Jeff Morris, Sharon Pollock, Jill Terhune-Andrews,
Judy Wagner, and Brian Wheeler
The Neighborhood Association met on July 28, 2007 at the home of Jeff Morris
(6xx N.Staats Dr.). Chris Eller explained some of the history of the Neighborhood Association Committee along with different activities with which the committee has been involved in the past.
The first order of business was the election of committee officers. Chris Eller was elected President (for a two year term); Jill Terhune-Andrews was elected Secretary (a one year term); Jeff Morris was elected Treasurer (a one year term); Donna Jaques was elected to Member at Large (one year term); and Judy Wagner was elected to Member at Large (two year term.)
Other issues discussed included the following:
Neighborhood garage sale: several members mentioned that the late-July date for the summer garage sale worked well with their schedules and suggested future garage sales be planned in July rather than June.
Burglary in neighborhood June 23, 2007: it was shared that the Well’s home had been burglarized in the early morning hours. The assailants entered the home by cutting the screen of an open window. A laptop computer was taken from the home. A car was also broken into and the stereo taken. Three young men were seen running from the scene. The police are currently investigating the case.
Grandview Hills limestone sign: several weeks ago a car ran into the stone sign on the west side of the 10th Street entrance leaving it demolished. Police are investigating this also (some car parts were left behind which may provide some clues). When the accident first occurred the main piece of stone with the name engraved was seen intact in the pile of stones. Most neighbors thought the piece would be safe there until a repair was planned. However, this important piece of the sign is now missing. No neighbors attending the meeting had any information about what could have happened to it. The committee will conduct a door-to-door survey soon asking neighbors if anyone might have taken the piece for safe keeping. The repair will cost considerably more if the engraved piece can not be located. Chris mentioned the labor for the mason repair could possibly be donated and the cost would only include purchase of the stones and mortar, and engraving the name if the piece can not be found. Nancy Macklin and
Jill Terhune-Andrews volunteered to go door-to-door to ask neighbors about the missing piece.
Block party: another block party will be planned in October. Attendees all agreed the
Staats Drive section between Grandview and Post is a good location.

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